Used Ulthera machines and accessories for Ultherapists

Known as the only noninvasive lifting method that can target the deepest skin-support layers, micro-focused ultrasound technology is the “deadly weapon” against the signs of aging. This technology is encapsulated into Ulthera systems. They can take years off an individual’s face, neck, and décolletage by tightening skin naturally and activating their body’s own regenerative potential.

Ultherapy works by amping up collagen. Though it takes time to see the full effect, the patient’s skin is gradually plumped and beautified from within. Thus, lasting results are the main advantage of Ulthera vs. laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures that only target the topmost skin layers and issues.

Before Ultherapy systems, long-term enhancements in the texture, turgor, and quality of the skin for an efficient facelift could only be achieved with surgery. Testimonials from celebrities make Ultherapy one of the most sought-after aesthetic procedures nowadays, so it is sure to boost your income and return rates.

Pre-owned Ulthera systems for sale at Medlaserworld

Ultherapy is a worthy addition to your scope of practice, whether you are pursuing new markets, higher-end audiences, or seeking to grow your services. This minimal-risk, no-downtime treatment that works beneath the skin surface will have your customers enjoying the effects and returning for regular touch-ups. 

Adding them to your services or focusing solely on Ulthera treatments means steep upfront costs if you purchase a brand-new system. However, you can start offering the same procedures by buying a device that was in use but is still in perfect working order.

Considering second-hand Ulthera costs, Medlaserworld is the right place for any frugal Ultherapist or new practitioner looking to maximize their return on investment. We offer the most touted systems and accessories to empower you to pull off skin rejuvenation at depths previously only accessible by surgery.

Transducers are Ulthera devices that can target skin layers at three different depths:

  • Superficial dermis
  • Deep dermis
  • SMAS/platysma

Ultrasound energy can be delivered to the exact layer the device is made for. Coupled with the ultrasound visualization of tissues, this allows for unmatched precision and customization that distinguishes Ultherapy from other nonsurgical lifting treatments.

Guaranteed quality of Ulthera for sale

When browsing “For sale by owner” listings of used or refurbished aesthetic equipment, photos and descriptions are insufficient proof of quality or proper condition. Online resellers and listing platforms do not check the accuracy of the information, nor do they test every machine before it is shipped to the provider.

Medlaserworld purchases Ulthera machines that were in use from the owners to offer unbeatable deals and trade-in options. Our team of technicians provides expert evaluations and tests every transducer and handpiece to ensure the equipment is in great shape and tuned to like-new working order when it goes to the new owner.

What does this mean for you as a provider? Our approach reduces any risks when you buy a pre-owned Ulthera system with us. You can rest assured about the accurate distribution of ultrasound energy, compliance with medical requirements, and safety in operation.

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